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Fall Recruitment Tips

By Amanda Roberge, Associate Board Member

Having a successful recruiting strategy is an important component to running a successful chapter. Without new members coming in to fill the shoes of graduating sisters, your chapter will eventually dwindle away. However, there are many chapters that struggle to some aspects associated with recruiting new members, so I have put together this resource for chapters to use to help strengthen their recruitment strategies.

Build Personal Relationships:

People join organizations because of the members in them, not because of how they look or what events they host. Build personal relationships with your potential new members, invite them out to lunch and get to know them on a 1-on-1 basis. This also means meeting new people! You cannot recruit sisters that you have not yet met.

Don’t Be Shy:

You cannot meet new people if you do not put yourself out there. Be willing to introduce yourself to new students, invite them to a meal get to know them, or giving them your contact information in case they need assistance acclimating to their new lives at college.

Know Your Audience:

Many students do not know or understand what Greek life is, let alone what the letters on your shirt stand for. You need to be better than the stereotypes. You want the recruitment process to be mutually beneficial for both the potential new members and the organization. We always strive for quality over quantity.  Also, gearing your rush efforts to the needs of the community, campus and potential new members is a well rounded approach to finding outstanding new sisters!


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