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Instagram Contest!

This year, the Women’s Issues Committee and the Media & Materials Committee are teaming up to bring you this great opportunity to show your Kappa pride, and to win free merchandise all at the same time!!

We want to break down the stereotypes and myths surrounding Greek and sorority life. We’ve created a twitter account called @Sorority_Truth (Follow it!). This year the Women’s Issues Committee is going to be posting on this handle to show Greek life in a positive light and to help break down those walls.

To do that, we are hosting an Instagram photo contest! We want you ladies to post pictures on Instagram that show Kappa in all it’s greatness!



1) Only active, undergraduate sisters can participate

2) When posting to Instagram, you MUST tag @Sorority_Truth and hashtags #KDPNASTRUTH #KDPHINAS

3) Please include your chapter

4) Contest ends October 15, 2013 (Same day the Kappa Rose articles are due. Hint hint.)

5) You may submit as many entries as you like

6) No text or imagery that is considered offensive, lewd, or inappropriate

7) Both committees will judge the photos. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. Those winners will be announced online, and pictures of them will be shown at PT. The winners will also receive a Kappa swag bag at PT !!!

Any questions, reach out to Nancy Ciarniello or Danielle Young.


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