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Philanthropy Proposals

We hope you are all having a great semester so far! It’s that time of year again, PT is right around the corner and will be here before we know it. As most of you probably know, one of our items to discuss at PT is selecting our next National Philanthropy. Last year we selected the American Cancer Society as our national philanthropy and with the combined efforts of all our chapters and the national board we were able to donate $6000 to that organization! That was an amazing achievement and I know we can continue that success with whatever philanthropy is chosen this year. We strive to have every chapter & colony submit a proposal. Alumnae are also able to submit proposals so please feel free to forward this to your alumnae sisters; board members are also encouraged to submit a proposal.

National philanthropy proposals are due Friday, November 9th. Please submit them via email to Jessica Moran at When she receives your proposal she will confirm that she has received it so if you do not get a response from her, please follow up. We have also attached the National Philanthropy Proposal Outline for you to use as a guide in writing your proposal. Also, please include in your proposal if you will need the use of a computer/projector for a powerpoint presentation, etc. Those proposals that are not selected to be our national philanthropy will have a chance to be one of our mini philanthropies that we can participate in throughout the school year. We look forward to receiving your proposals and please let Jessica know if you have any questions.


National Philanthropy Proposal Outline

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