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Sisterly Bonding

By Alisha Gould, Associate Board Member

Looking for new and different sisterhood ideas to bring back to your chapter? Here is a list of ideas that could help shake things up! Also, why not try reaching out to other chapters and find out what they do, not only will this bring a new bonding idea to your chapter but it will also build relationships between yours and other chapters!

Fitting Together

Take a large piece of poster board and cut it into enough puzzle pieces that each girl will have her own. Supply enough craft supplies and encourage each sister to decorate their puzzle piece so it will represent their personality/traits. After everyone is done assemble the puzzle on a wall and talk about how each person brings her uniqueness to the group.

How Much do You Use?

When the girls arrive have everyone rip off their typical amount of toilet paper they use. After everyone has taken their amount of paper have everyone sit down. At this point you will have each sister relate a fear/obstacle with every square that they have. Sometimes just by sharing common fears or obstacles will bring a group together. There is a nice feeling of knowing your not the only one that feels this way.

Crafting Night

Have all the sisters bring ideas of fun crafting ideas for the night, make some t-shirts, bags, picture frames. This is always a fun way to have some great laughs and memories with everyone.

And here are some more ideas from some of our chapters:

Kappa Sigma had a wonderful idea since we just had Halloween they decided to all get together and carve letters in to four large pumpkins Κ Δ Φ NAS. These girls didn’t want to leave any other Greeks out so they planned on carving other Greek letters into pumpkins as well. While some sisters were carving the pumpkins there were others baking the pumpkin seeds. A big thank you to Kappa Sigma for sharing, we all hope this was a great success!

Kappa Tau likes to have a potluck dinner date with all their sisters. They typically have this once or twice a month before business meetings. Every sister brings something and it gives everyone involved a chance to all talk before the meeting and the chance to try new recipes. Thank you Kappa Tau, maybe you can make a Kappa cookbook!

Kappa Lambda will put every sisters name in a bucket and pull out names to randomly assign each sister with another. Within the next week they must hangout one on one so they can get to know each other better. This is done twice a semester so it does not become overwhelming sometimes the sisters will involve their brothers in this bonding activity. Thank you, Kappa Lambda, this is such a wonderful idea, not only do you bond with each other but you reach out to the brothers and that is always a wonderful thing to see.

Kappa Rho likes to do weekly pen pal letters as a bonding activity for each other. At each meeting each sister will randomly draw names, they are all given a week until the letter is to be finished. Each sister must write a 1+ page handwritten,positive letter to the pen pal they had drawn. This gives each sister the opportunity to anonymously (or not, it’s a personal choice) to express to each sister how they are appreciated; this also gives sisters the chance to see how others are feeling in a positive manner. Thank you Kappa Rho, this is a neat idea and its great to encourage each others with positive feedback.

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