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Internship Tips

By Linda MacDonald, Associate Board Member

College is a time of growth, learning, and preparing for “the real world”- you are taking four years to prepare for your career!  A great way to ready yourself for post-grad life and get a feel for your dream job is to apply for an internship.  Through an internship, you are able to gain work experience, get out into the field, make yourself more marketable, and have fun!  There are all different types of internships available and it is important to find the one that best fits you and can help benefit you the most in the long run.  How can you do this?

Ask your advisor!  Your advisor is not just there to help you plan out courses each semester, but also help you be as successful as possible- they want you to be an expert in your major!  Set up a meeting with your advisor and ask if they know of any internships that are offered in your field of study; if you major in Hospitality or Tourism Management, you can intern with Hershey for example, in a variety of fields. If you are a Sports Management or Sports Journalism major, see if your school’s athletic teams have internship opportunities available. Biology major?  Take a trip to Australia for the summer and intern with wildlife reserves, studying different animals and plants native to the country. Studio Arts or Culinary majors can look at local bakeries to help design, bake, and sculpt wedding and birthday cakes. If you are unsure of your career path, the Walt Disney Company offers an internship for you too (but I’ll get to that later)!  If your advisor is unsure, try talking to a professor or asking friends within your major if they have any suggestions.

Take a trip to the Career Counseling Center!  Your school may have a Career Counseling Center available to students.  Stop by one day and ask if they know of internships offered by your dream job, and they can help guide you in the right direction and prepare you for applying.  Many schools’ Career Counseling Centers host job fairs throughout the school year, too, and it is always a good idea to stop by- you may just find what you are looking for there!

Talk to your sisters!  You have a strong, driven group of women surrounding you each day in your chapter.  Ask a sister if she has done an internship before.  Your sisters may be able to give you information on where they interned, how they discovered opportunities, and advice on the application process.  Take a few minutes to reach out to alumni, too; they may have a business or a professional connection that is hiring interns, and you could be just the person they are looking for!

Get yourself on LinkedIn!  We live in a Social Networking age.  LinkedIn is a professional social networking site, connecting you to hundreds of people in your major or career field.  Create a strong, professional, detailed profile for yourself, and then search for internships!  Many companies will post open positions on LinkedIn, giving people from all over the country- and all over the world- the chance to apply!  Even if you do not find an internship immediately, you can still connect with professionals who could give you some great pointers for the future!

Google search internships in your major- you’ll hit the jackpot.  It takes less than a second for Google to bring up hundreds of internship opportunities.  Take some time and go through the search results to see if there are any internships out there at appeal to you.  Through my personal Google experience, through Google I found an internship program that I have now been fortunate enough to participant in twice.

My personal internship experience.  My junior year of college I found myself in a bit of a rut.  I had declared my major as Art History, but I had no idea what I wanted to really do for a job.  I knew I had to get myself out into the professional world, but I was not sure of what to do or where to go.  So, I grabbed my laptop, opened up Google, and searched for an internship.  This led me right to the Disney College Program.  Through research, I learned that this internship was open to any major, could help me gain work experience, and meet people from all over the world.  I also had the opportunity to live in Florida, and looking out the window at all the snow covering my car, that was unbelievably appealing to me.  So, I applied.  I went through a web-based interview.  I then went through a phone interview.  A month later, I received word from Disney that I was one of 6,500 people offered a spot.  During the Fall 2012 semester, I was down in Orlando, working as an “Attractions Operations Hostess” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, while also taking courses offered through Disney on how to effectively market myself to businesses.  Here, I learned how to job search, how to perfect a resume and cover letter, how to network appropriately, how to conduct myself professionally during the interviewing process, and what the term “business casual” actually means.  I was able to take this information that I learned and really use it when I returned to school the next semester- I sent my resume out to dozens of employers, I knew what key points I wanted to mention during interviews, and I was confident that, even though I was just twenty-two years old and interviewing for “big girl jobs,” I was presenting myself as a mature professional.  All of this, I learned through my internship.  During the Spring 2014 semester, I’ll be making the move to Florida for good, participating in the Disney College Program again (this time, a few more Kappa Delta Phi NAS sisters will be there, too) and hopefully applying to full time positions within the company!  Every day, I am so thankful that I took a few minutes to look into internships, as it led me to the most amazing, life changing work experience of my life.  So, what are you waiting for?!

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