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Letters of Intent

Should any alumnae or graduating seniors be interested in working with the Board of Directors as an Associate Member (field consultant/committee member) please make your intentions known by letter/e-mail to Mandy Breton (, Co-Executive Director by April 27, 2014.

Alumnae/Graduating Seniors whose letters we accept will be invited to attend the Board of Directors Spring Executive Meeting on Saturday, May 17th , 2014 in Lee, MA. We appoint all positions & committee members for the coming academic year at the Spring Executive Meeting. If you are unable to attend our May 17th meeting, please indicate in your letter your areas of interest for field consulting, committee membership/chair or any other positions such as recording secretary, assistant treasurer, etc. in which you may be interested.

All those appointed to field consultant positions will also be expected to attend the Summer Undergraduate Workshop June 6-8, 2014 at Camp Herrlich in Patterson, NY.

A reminder to all current Associate Members & Special Consultants: Terms are one year and you must submit a Letter of Interest for reappointment. Letters should be sent by April 27, 2014 to the Co-Executive Director for consideration of reappointment.

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