May the Spirit Never Die

Time Management Tips

By Kazia Bennett, Associate Board Member

As I sat down to write this article (two weeks late, mind you), I realized the irony of my situation. Time management is something every Kappa sister learns and practices every day, and I thought that after four years of classes, homework, pledging events, philanthropies, and business meetings that I had it well in hand. However, as many of you probably know, sometimes procrastination can get the better of us, adding more pressure to our already stressful lives.

Kappa is a very special part of our lives as both an active and as an alumnae, and it takes a great deal of effort to put your heart into it while still striving for success in school, your career, and leaving time for yourself and family.

Click here for some helpful tips to better manage your time, help reduce stress, and take care of yourself!

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