May the Spirit Never Die

Sister’s guide to traveling

Written by Nancy Ciarniello

For the past 6 years, my pledge sisters and I have made a tradition of going on a vacation in February. It’s a time for us to unwind, relax, get some sun, and bond with each other. Now that our alumnae base is growing, we’re hoping to expand our crew to include more Kappa sisters. Can you think of anything more fun than a tropical getaway with a bunch of Kappas? If you have the time (and funds) I would strongly recommend a girls’ trip with the most awesome sisters in the world. On a budget? Groupon ALWAYS has great deals for weeklong trips as well as weekend getaways.

Here are some things to consider before planning your next trip:

  1. Airfare. Sometimes the flight can be more costly than the trip itself. Try to plan an “off time” to get the best deals. Don’t be afraid to use a smaller airline. Kayak will be your best friend when researching.
  2. Excursions. Whether you are going on a cruise or to an all inclusive, you will be given the options to go on some really fun tour excursions. As long as you’re not on a time restriction, you can book excursions outside of the resort or cruise line. Use websites like Trip Advisor to research companies and read reviews. I have gotten my friends and I some excellent deals this way.
  3. Do your research! Websites like Expedia and Kayak can help you compare prices on different trips. Want to spend a week at sea? Often times several cruise lines will offer the same itinerary but for much different prices. For example: Princess and Carnival are owned by the same parent company and have the exact same cruises- but the Carnival cruises are a fraction of the cost. Additionally, if you’re looking for an all inclusive, you can compare costs on travel websites and compare exactly what’s included in your price.
  4. Check your stress at the door. Turn off your phone, don’t check your email, and only use Facebook and Instagram to post pictures sure to make your friends and family back home jealous 😉
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